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Why soul2sand? Here are the three main benefits to you...

* Bespoke occasion and event design.

* This involves listening to what is important to you and embedding that into the sand.

* Sand Art Experience days focus on enhancing your wellbeing.

Personalised Art Designs. Whale Tail Bamburgh

Large scale sand art designs that can be personalised.

A selection of still images plus a short video can be shared on social media and high quality prints or booklets can be made from larger files.

Families have surprised and delighted loved ones on their birthday with framed prints, having secretly liaised with Claire to agree on a design.

Others have found the creation of a sand art memorial for their loved one a very comforting tribute.Coast Magazine Front Cover

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After 30 years working as a doctor, listening to people comes naturally. Understanding what a client would like to see as part of their design is essential in creating something unique and meaningful to them. This might be a special birthday or anniversary message, a logo, a tribute to a loved one or pet, or a charity event promotion. Hearing about a person’s story, their interests, character and family structure, allows me to distill them into a drawing that I translate into sand art.

The client shares the essence of what they would like included in the design and after I send them sketches, we agree on the final image. Rocky CoffeeThis way there are no unexpected results. Following the sand drawing, I take images and video with my drone, including the beautiful surrounding coastal area. These are sent to the client soon afterwards, in ready to share on social media format and also in high quality files, suitable for printing or making a photobook.

The designs can be created as a complete surprise for loved ones, presenting them with the images and video on their special day. Alternatively, sand art experience days can be arranged for individuals or small groups. People that have shared the beach drawing process describe a lifting of spirits and a real sense of well being. The combination of being outside, doing something physical and creative in a beautiful place seems to really resonate with those involved. This is something that I have always encouraged during my medical career and it now continues through my sand art.