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After thirty years working in the NHS, mainly as a G.P., Claire Eason took early retirement to explore the wellbeing benefits of sand art, on the Northumberland coast.

During her years as a family doctor, she noticed the huge impact of emotional stress on physical and mental health within the community. 

The people with the best health seemed to be those with active and creative interests.

Claire was particularly struck by the way art could connect with the hardest to reach, emotionally strained youngsters, when delivered sensitively. Very positive changes could be achieved in a way conventional services could not.

Whilst creating sand designs with individuals on experience days, she was delighted to hear them describe feeling inspired, energised, and proud of their finished work. It was also wonderful to see positive lasting impacts on people with marked low mood and anxiety. This observation highlighted the link between wellbeing and sand art for her. Being on wide, beautiful, dune fringed beaches, surrounded by nature and the elements while creating something meaningful, really touched the essence of those getting involved. Their souls became part of their art and so the name soul 2 sand was born.

Claire creates and films with a drone, large scale sand art designs that can be personalised. Claire Eason with rakeA selection of still images plus a short video can be shared on social media and high quality prints or booklets can be made from larger files.

Families have surprised and delighted loved ones on their birthday with framed prints, having secretly liaised with Claire to agree on a design.

Others have found the creation of a sand art memorial for their loved one a very comforting tribute. Impressively thoughtful husbands have astonished their wives on milestone anniversaries with images distilling their lives together in sand.

Favourite pets can be drawn from photos in advance of special occasions to create very unexpected and moving gifts.

Logos for organisations and businesses also attract a lot of attention when drawn across a beach.

Using a garden rake, the drawings start around low tide and usually take about three or four hours. The incoming tide washes it away to create a blank canvas again. Sand art is an ephemeral and non-destructive way to connect with nature, express creativity and have something tangible to share after finishing it.

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